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2018: A year in review - Looking forward to collaborating in 2019


-Dear colleagues,

We’re looking forward to collaborating closely with our colleagues and partners in 2019 to create a more secure world where legal, trusted identity empowers citizens to access services and exercise their rights.


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European Association for Biometrics (EAB) joins Secure Identity Alliance as an Advisory Observer

european association for biometrics logo

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Identity community invited to contribute to landmark Open Source Identity Initiative


Open API

Interoperable Identity Registries Interface (Open Source API) published on GitHub by Secure Identity Alliance to deliver technical interoperability between civil registries and ID systems

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Calling for the recognition of September 16 as International Identity Day - Coalition joined by The European Association for Biometrics and the Secure Identity Alliance

ID Day signature image

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SIA announce new Open Source API to harmonise sovereign ID programs

Open API

Industry-first initiative promises to eliminate vendor lock-in and reduce costs for governments around the world.

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SDW - Open API - eDocuments Physical Security Evaluation - Latest News - Spring 2018

SDW 2018  – Open API – eDocuments Physical Security Evaluation

-Dear colleagues,

In this latest roundup of SIA activity, I am delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new initiative that, I believe, will have a profound and positive impact on the design and implementation of national identity programs. We also have a wealth of new content available. I would urge you all to take a look.


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WCC Group Joins the Secure Identity Alliance as an Advisory Observer

 wcc logo

Sanjay Dharwadker, head of global ID consultancy services at WCC will represent WCC.

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ID4Africa Joins the Secure Identity Alliance as Advisory Observer

ID4Africa logo RGB high res Official

Dr Joseph J. Atick, Executive Chairman, ID4Africa, will represent ID4Africa


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Secure Identity Alliance Launches Code of Conduct


shutterstock 535877284

New Code of Conduct sets out the commitment of Secure Identity Alliance members to highest standards of ethics and excellence in the design and implementation of digital ID systems, the beating heart of Government eServices delivery, upon which sustainable social and economic inclusion is built.

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Strong Identity, Strong Borders Paper Published today by Secure Identity Alliance

 eBorder Small2

SIA to showcase new best practice guidance on the development of a cohesive and effective eBorder strategy at SDW 2017 and INTERPOL World 2017

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New eDocument Physical Security Certification Initiative Launched by Secure Identity Alliance

PHOTO eSAM VALID 31 01 2018 SAF2015 0159019

The SIA call for participation by eDocument issuers and manufacturers across the world at SDW 2017



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Driving the evolving world of Secure Digital ID - SIA's Spring Newsletter


As Digital ID becomes a day-to-day reality for ever greater numbers of public stakeholders and citizens across the globe, our goal is to continue to accelerate the adoption of secure access and authentication solutions that will continue to drive the digital ID agenda forward.




Most recently SIA published a short paper exploring the adoption of ID-based digital applications and the evolution of national identity into digital channels. It charts the evolution of digital ID into the mobile environment, looking at practical implementations such as digital companion for driving licences now being widely adopted. You can read the paper here.



Supporting sustainable development



Earlier this year the SIA was proud to contribute and publically endorse the World Bank’s Principles of Identification for Sustainable Development: Towards a Digital Age which set out the base line specifications and requirements for robust and efficient ID systems and advocate a common approach to digital ID at a national, regional and global level.



Digital ID self-assessment



2016 saw a number of national eID programs launch around the world, including new schemes in Algeria, Jordan, Thailand, Italy, Cameroon and Senegal alongside major announcements in the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Norway, Liberia, Poland, Jamaica and Sri Lanka. In addition, Australia announced the first phase of its digital identity program will launch in August 2017.



Charting this growth, in February 2017 we launched Version 2 of eSAM. This web-based security awareness tool provides governments, public sector and non-governmental organizations with a unique self-assessment tool to benchmark the robustness of their eDocument issuance process and evaluate new potential eSecurity models.

To access eSAM, simply contact the SIA to set up an account.



Enhancing awareness and adoption



Across the world we are seeing the digital identity agenda gathering pace. In Europe, the EU’s Electronic Identification and Signature (eIDAS) regulation finally came into force in July 2016 and in February 2017 – with Germany being the first EU state to pre-notify its eID card to other member states. This marks an important step forward in making eIDAS a reality and move Europe from a patchwork of national online markets to an integrated Digital Single Market in which commercial and public services can flow easily and seamlessly across borders.



The SIA has followed developments with interest, and continues to contribute to the implementation debate. And, in a connected initiative, our eServices Workgroup continues to develop best practice guidelines on the design and implementation of robust security measures needed to enable trusted exchanges between citizens and public authorities and the private sector.



Driving eBorder strategies



With digital ID now firmly established as a key technology for preventing criminal inflows and enabling legitimate travellers to achieve swift and seamless movement across borders, the importance of developing effective smart border and smart airport strategies is clear. And not only for commercial and leisure travellers. The ongoing Syrian refugee crisis, and forced population movements in other parts of the world, continues to highlight the technical, procedural and humanitarian challenges confronting border forces.



In response, the SIA initiated a dedicated eBorder Workgroup to explore the technologies, processes and components critical to enabling a fully interconnected eBorder strategy. The forthcoming report and technical outputs will help nations address increased volumes of legitimate travellers, identify and reduce illegal and criminal movement, and streamline the processing of individuals with a right to claim asylum.



Extending influence in 2017

The accelerating digitalization of online and mobile services means demand for secure and trusted digital ID is escalating. This will require closer collaboration between public authorities and commercial entities to support the development of trusted identities. Indeed, 2017 looks to becoming a defining period as proof-of-concept technologies and models spawn digital driver’s license, digital mobile credentials and virtual or digital passport pilots around the globe.

For this reason, the SIA is calling for companies active in Digital ID value chains to join the Alliance and enhance the ongoing developments that are taking place in creating a new era of ecosystems based on secure identity based on a trusted government root/national ID scheme.


Key events in  2017

Just back from two Windhoek, Namibia and Washington DC for  

- Government Forum on Electronic Identity, Windhoek, Namibia, 26th -28th April 2017

Read report from one of our experts, A Ducass here

-   Connect:ID, 1st – 3rd May 2017, Washington DC, USA


The SIA and its Members will also have an active representation at the following conferences in 2017 and will be happy to meet you:

 - KNOW Conference, 15th – 17th May 2017, Washington, USA -

 - Tallinn eGovernance Conference, 30th – 31st May 2017, Estonia

 - Riga Secure Identification Conference, 31st May – 1st June 2017, Latvia

 - Securing Federal ID, 6th June 2017, Washington, USA

- SDW, 26th – 28th June 2017, London, UK -

- Interpol World, 4th – 6th July 2017, Singapore

- World eID Conference/ Identity Summit, 25th -27th September 2017, Marseille, France

 - eID Conference, Bogota, Columbia -  

- Millipol, 21st-24th November 2017, Paris, France -

 - Trustech, 28th – 30th November 2017, Cannes, France –


From consultations on national ID schemes to observing the first eIDAS Mobile ID pilot, and evaluating how to drive forward the World Bank digital ID agenda for citizens of the world, we continue in our mission to provide expertise and practical consultancy to support eID programs around the world.

If you would like to discover more about our work or specific individual workstreams, contact us.




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Sofie joins the Secure Identity Alliance as Advisory Observer

Logo Sofie 2016


Paris, December 12, 2016 – The Secure Identity Association (SIA), the global identity and secure eServices advisory body, today announces that digital consultancy, Sofie, has joined the Association as an Advisory Observer – marking another important milestone in the rapid growth of the SIA.

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Estonia e-Governance Academy joins the Secure Identity Alliance as Advisory Observer

ega logo eng 2015

The Secure Identity Association (SIA), the global identity and secure eServices advisory body, today announces that Estonia e-Governance Academy (eGA) has joined the Association as an Advisory Observer.

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Veridos joins the Secure Identity Alliance as Board Member

veridos rgb


Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) today announces that Veridos, the joint venture between Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich, and Bundesdruckerei GmbH, Berlin, pooling the expertise of the two largest German providers for high-security technologies to serve the international market, has joined the Alliance as a Board Member of the SIA.

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Imprimerie Nationale joins the Secure Identity Alliance as Board Member

GroupeImprimerieNationale Logo

Imprimerie Nationale, the French National Printing Group, and a leader in secure identity solutions, has joined the EEIG Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) as a member of the Board, alongside the founding members Gemalto, Oberthur Technologies and Safran Morpho.

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New Civil Registry and Identity Guidance for Governments

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) publishes ‘Civil Registry Consolidation through Digital Identity Management’ report in support of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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Dutch Interior Ministry joins Secure Identity Alliance

DutchBZKlogo 2

Marking an important step in the evolution of secure documents and secure digital service provision, the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) today welcomes the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) of the Netherlands, through its National Office for Identity Data, as an observer member.

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SIA to unveil details of new study to support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


‘Civil Registry Consolidation through Digital Identity Management’ to be presented at the eID Conference in Washington on 29 September 2015.

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German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern) joins Secure Identity Alliance to enhance the security of eServices

logo a

The Secure Identity Alliance today announced that the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern - BMI) has joined its ranks as an Observer Member.

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Mobile Identity Unlocks Digital Service Delivery for Governments Globally

New report from the GSMA and Secure Identity Alliance outlines the growing value of mobile identity for governments looking to deliver inclusive access to digital services, protect citizens online and drive economic growth

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Secure Identity Alliance announces eIDAS Workshop in Budapest with the support of the Federal Ministry of Interior (Germany)

The Secure Identity Alliance announces its official support and participation in the eID Conference 6th Edition at the Intercontinental Hotel Budapest, Hungary, on 13 and 14 October 2014.

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Secure Identity Alliance welcomes eIDAS as a ‘major step forward’ in ID Interoperability, Citizen Privacy and efficient eGovernment Services

Secure Identity Alliance welcomes eIDAS as a ‘major step forward’ in ID interoperability, citizen privacy and efficient eGovernment services

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Trusted Identity to create $50bn Cost Savings

Secure Identity Alliance Presents a $50bn Cost Saving Vision of the Future at Connect:ID and at Cartes Asia

New report identifies the social and economic value of eServices up to 2020

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eGovernment services would yield up to $50 bn annual savings for Governments globally by 2020 while increasing convenience, trust and citizen satisfaction

New report jointly conducted by the Secure Identity Alliance and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) confirms explosive growth of eServices based on Tusted Digital Identity.

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Secure Identity Alliance launches the first truly global eDocuments Initiative

New self-assessment tool allows public bodies to benchmark and plan eDocument programs against proven best practices and real-world global deployments

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Secure Identity Alliance announces the eServices Provision Tracker

New initiative aims to offer a view of live government eServices identifying credentials used and identity services offered

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Secure Identity Alliance Welcomes Emirates ID Authority

Paris, 14th November 2013: The Secure Identity Alliance has announced that the Emirates ID Authority (EIDA) – represented by His Excellency Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, EIDA’s Director General – is joining the organization in the role of Advisory Observer.

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Secure Identity Alliance welcomes three new members

Paris, 1st October 2013 HID Global, ABnote, and Trüb join the Alliance to accelerate secure eGovernment service adoption

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3M, Gemalto, Morpho (Safran) and Oberthur Technologies create the ‘Secure Identity Alliance’

St. Paul, Amsterdam and Paris, 10th May 2013
Open, industry-wide association aims to promote Secure Digital Identity Services and convenient interoperable secure eDocuments

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The Secure Identity Alliance calls for new members at SDW 2013

Paris, 15th May 2013 – The newly formed Security Identity Alliance is, for the first time, inviting membership applications at Science Media Partners’ forthcoming Security Document World 2013 (SDW 2013) conference.

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