eDocument Physical Security Evaluation Model (eSEC)




The eDocument Scheme for Evaluating Physical Security (eSEC) is designed to help governments develop secure eDocuments. It can be used as a self-assessment tool to evaluate the physical security of current documents, the security impact of additional design changes, or simply to understand what is required to build a ‘secure eDocument’.




This eSEC self-evaluation is done by:

> Selecting the document type

> Listing security features from a database

> Answering questions about the design process


The resulting score is weighted based on:

> How widely security features are distributed to different parts of the document

> How strongly the document is protected against different attacks

> How well different security feature levels are distributed within the document

> The design process of the overall document


The evaluation results in a score, rather than pass/fail.


A Management Report with recommendations on how to improve security in the document is also supplied.



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