SIA has established strong collaborative relationships with relevant governmental and inter-governmental organisations, international financial institutions and industry non-profits.

These collaborations are crucial for realizing our vision of unlocking the identity market by driving the development of future-proofed, secure, interoperable and inclusive user-centric identity ecosystems on a global scale, rooted in either government-issued identities or based on properly regulated secure credentials.



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Secure Identity Alliance and UNDP have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to assist developing countries in implementing, strengthening and/or expanding their digital identity systems. The partnership is committed to promoting open standards and interoperability, ensuring a fair environment and preventing dependence on a single vendor or technology – an approach that aligns with best practices in public procurement. By joining forces, the organizations aim to foster innovation, seamlessly integrate digital tools, and guarantee online system access for everyone, ensuring no one is left behind without proof of identity.



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Open Wallet Foundation

SIA has joined the Open Wallet Foundation as an Associate Board Member – the global body developing an open source engine to enable secure and interoperable multi-purpose wallets. The OWF aims to set best practices for digital wallet technology through collaboration on open source code for use as a starting point for anyone wishing to build interoperable, secure and privacy-protecting wallets.



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SIA has established a partnership with the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology (IIK) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The objective of the partnership is to work on Privacy by Design principles.

The first collaboration outcome studied the application of the “LINDDUN-Based Privacy Threat Modelling” to implemented systems incorporating the OSIA APIs, the NTNU study was presented at IEEE Nigeria 4th International Conference on Disruptive Technologies for Sustainable Development (NIGERCON 2022) in Abuja, Nigeria. It was published at IEEE conference proceedings and is available here.



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SIA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) to collaborate on the promotion of interoperability and the development of a level playing field in order to avoid vendor/technology lock-in, according to public procurement best practices and for the benefit of Governments and society as a whole; and collaborate on the development of an open-source reference implementation of an ID use case using the OSIA Open Standard and the X-Road data exchange layer solution.



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 linux foundation


Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) is a Member of Linux Foundation Europe (LF Europe). LF Europe was created to enable individual contributors, organizations, and the public sector to collaborate on open source and open standard projects hosted 100% in Europe. Debora Comparin represents the SIA on the FF Europe Advisory Board:



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Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA) to work together towards a common goal: providing governments and companies around the globe with up-to-the moment insights and knowledge that will help them navigate an increasingly dynamic identity threat landscape.



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SIA has joined the Global Assured Identity Network (GAIN) initiative to support efforts to develop a high-trust Internet overlay that introduces an accountability layer to the internet even as it increases privacy and security. The principles are expressed in its Digital Trust White Paper. SIA will collaborate with members to ensure that progress towards the initiative’s goals will best serve the wider identity community.





Document Security Alliance

SIA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Document Security Alliance (DSA). This aims to raise awareness of the role and importance of security documents and their place in a secure identity ecosystem, and to disseminate this insight to relevant global audiences.



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