Secure Identity Alliance announces the eServices Provision Tracker

New initiative aims to offer a view of live government eServices identifying credentials used and identity services offered



Paris, 19th November 2013: Answering the question “what eServices are deployed throughout the world by governments,” and “which credentials should be used for which identity services?” the Secure Identity Alliance today launches its eServices Provision Tracker (eSPT).

This program will offer a thorough analysis of the emerging market for government eServices. It will report on live implementations, the credentials chosen and the identity services provided. The output will be an exhaustive market sizing and reference tool that offers government agencies the intelligence they need to build the next generation of secure, cost effective eServices.
Crucially, the eSPT will drive an online community where users can access regional breakdowns of project activity, discuss trends, share experiences and best practices, and benchmark their eServices programs against those of their peer states.
All data inputted by authorities within the tool will be fully anonymized, and a detailed report created to identify potential areas for improvement and development.
Olivier Prestel, Board Member of the Secure Identity Alliance, said: “Knowing the direction of travel, the opportunities and the pitfalls of an exploding government eServices market is crucial at a time when digital identities are proliferating. Government eServices programs must be secure, with their citizens accurately authenticated. This new initiative from the Alliance will, through close collaboration with governments around the world, enhance security provision and accelerate eService adoption.”
The Secure Identity Alliance encourages all government agencies interested in participating in this unique program to come and meet the Alliance during the ‘Government Mega Trends Conference’ at www.cartes.com on Wednesday 20th November 2013.