Secure Identity Alliance launches the first truly global eDocuments Initiative

New self-assessment tool allows public bodies to benchmark and plan eDocument programs against proven best practices and real-world global deployments



Paris, 19th November 2013: The Secure Identity Alliance today launches its eDocument Security Awareness Model (eSAM) – giving governments and public sector organizations a unique self-assessment tool on which to benchmark their current and future eDocument projects.

Part of an ambitious global program by the Secure Identity Alliance, the eDocument Security Awareness Model (eSAM) covers every element of the eDocument lifecycle: from enrolment and issuance, through document design and personalization, to support processes.
eSAM users will be able to analyse their programs against best practice criteria in each of these areas to run and test possible scenarios, and benchmark projects against current operational deployments across the world. Any data inputted by authorities within the tool will be fully anonymized, and a detailed report created that identifies potential areas for improvement and development.
Built on the expertise of the Alliance’s members, and based on participation from public authorities responsible for national eDocument provision, the eSAM will become the catalyst for a strong peer-to-peer online community – bringing professionals together to identify and discuss best practices, market and technology trends and future state development.
Gareth Thomas, Board Member of the Secure Identity Alliance, said: “The operational and technical complexity of developing fully secure eDocuments programs is well known. Marrying the often-contradictory elements of security, end user convenience and cost is no easy task. But it’s one all governments must face.”
The Secure Identity Alliance believes the first step in this process is to define one version of the truth in terms of best practices – which it feels can only be done through the creation of a comprehensive (anonymized) database of every national eDocument program. The eSAM will bring this vision to life, offering a deep insight into the current and future strategies being adopted by governments committed to responding to developing security and identity threats, and the emerging technologies and approaches being used to combat them.
The Secure Identity Alliance encourages all government agencies interested in participating in this unique program to join the Alliance at the ‘Government Mega Trends Conference’ stream at www.cartes.com on Wednesday 20 November 2013.