Secure Identity Alliance Welcomes Emirates ID Authority

The Secure Identity Alliance has announced that the Emirates ID Authority (EIDA) – represented by His Excellency Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri, EIDA’s Director General – is joining the organization in the role of Advisory Observer.



The Emirates ID Authority is the first Government entity to join the Alliance.

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most forward thinking eGovernents and, as such, EIDA’s decision to join the Alliance is particularly significant.

Dr Al Khouri said: “Choosing Emirates ID as a member in the Secure Identity Alliance reflects UAE’s distinguished experience at the global level in developing an advanced integrated ID management system to enhance national and individual security of citizens and residents”. It reveals the importance of the Emirates ID card project as a global reference and a pioneering experience that can contribute in enhancing international security”.

Dr. Al Khouri also highlighted “The importance of promoting awareness programs to address challenges related to data privacy, identity theft and fraud through cyberspace, stressing Emirates ID’s keenness to set up a range of procedures and measures to help strengthen the control and reliability of data collection and management. Emirates ID is also keen to cooperate with the international community to benefit from international successful experiences and best practices in this respect.”

Dr. Eng. Ali Mohamed Al Khouri is to speak at www.cartes.com during the “Government Mega Trends” Conference chaired by the Alliance on Wednesday 20th November at 2pm for a panel session on eGovenment Challenges followed by a presentation on ‘Mobility and Secure ID with reference to National ID Programs’.