German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern) joins Secure Identity Alliance to enhance the security of eServices

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The Secure Identity Alliance today announced that the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern - BMI) has joined its ranks as an Observer Member.


Paris, 23rd October 2014: Among its key activities, BMI oversees Germany’s national passport and citizen identity card programs – supporting the development and provision of eServices across the country.

As Observer, the BMI will support the Secure Identity Alliance’s goal to gather extensive technical expertise as to provide it for the global market and further extend the Alliance’s current framework of activities – helping to drive the member states’ eGovernment agenda forward. Responsible for the strategic orientation and development of e-Government in Germany, the BMI is committed to modernizing public administration, reducing bureaucracy - making the German public service more attractive for citizen as well business.

Commenting on the German Federal Ministry of the Interior’s membership, Frédéric Trojani, Secure Identity Alliance Chairman said: “The Alliance is committed to providing a forum for international collaboration on Digital ID challenges, data security and citizen ID. As an Observer, the BMI will be able to help developing leading expertise and thought leadership in these fields.”

Commenting on its membership, Achim Hildebrandt, Head of Division ITI4 at the Federal Ministry of the Interior said: “Participation in the work of the Alliance represents a long term investment in the future and strengthens our ability to support federal and state bodies in the provision of highly innovative and secure citizen eServices.”