Secure Identity Alliance unveils Identity Week event schedule (London 22-23 September 2021)

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Paris – 15th September 2021 – Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), the global identity and secure digital services advisory body, will highlight the latest trends in areas including document fraud, traveller identification, and digital identity initiatives at Identity Week 2021 next week in London.


Across a number of panel sessions, and via the launch of a new report ‘Authentication… Are you who you claim to be?’ (22 September 2021 – Exhibition Knowledge Theatre) focused on document authentication, SIA will explore the latest defences and countermeasures in document security, using real world examples to highlight some of the most innovative and effective responses to the ever-evolving threat of identity fraud.


Key SIA events at Identity Week 2021 include:


Document forgery, counterfeiting and staying ahead – 11.00, Wednesday 22nd September

In this panel session, Chair of the Document Security Working Group, Joachim Caillosse, will discuss the forgery and counterfeiting trends that have shaped 2021 so far. Building on many of the issues covered in SIA’s recent 'Passport Fraud' report, the session will also include a look at document protection best practice, and an evaluation of the techniques and tactics used in the preparation of frontline staff.


Identifying the traveller at the border – 11.00, Wednesday 22nd September

Offering analysis of the current border security outlook, this panel session will include the thoughts of Frank Smith, Advisory Observer to the SIA and UK Home Office Former Deputy Director. Topics for debate include the need to improve the collection, fusion, and use of biometrics at borders, the Entry/Exit Systems and new challenges in fraud at border crossings, and the implementation of health certificates.



Enhancing secure credentials through digital identity initiatives, Mobile ID and Driving Licences – 14.50, Wednesday 22nd September

Featuring Kristel Teyras, Chair of SIA’s Digital ID Working Group, and covering subjects including digital identity, designing with interoperability in mind, and the need to ensure the privacy of secure credential holders, this panel session will also explore the field of mobile driving licenses and their potential as secondary secure credentials.



Authentication… Are you who you claim to be? – 15.20, Wednesday 22nd September (Exhibition Knowledge Theatre)

With the launch of SIA’s latest report “Authentication… Are you who you claim to be?"  Thomas Poreaux – Member of the SIA Document Security Working Group – and Frank Smith, Advisory Observer to the SIA will explore the issue of Optical Machine Authentication (OMA) and how Optical Phone Authentication (OPA) in particular can improve document authentication standards.



Establishing identity for all and the road ahead – 11.00, Thursday 23rd September

Debora Comparin, Chair of the OSIA (Open Standards Identity APIs) Initiative will address the complex issues of interoperability when it comes to onboarding citizens to digital identity initiatives and how the OSIA standard is facilitating the harmonisation of sovereign identity systems.



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