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Forensic technologies and security features specialist will play an active role in SIA Document Security workgroup.



Paris, France, March 9th 2020. Secure Identity Alliance (SIA), the global identity and secure digital services advisory body, is pleased to announce that Crime Science Technology (C.S.T) has joined SIA as an Associate Member.


C.S.T is a specialist provider of forensic technologies and new generation security features for identity documents and bank notes. C.S.T solutions are used across the world by police forces, border control authorities and governments.


A strong advocate of leveraging public, private and NGO-partnerships to create a safer world, C.S.T will take an active role in the SIA Document Security workgroup, bringing in its security features expertise. The workgroup’s mission is to guide the design, manufacturing, issuance and verification of convenient and cost effective secure documents, a key pillar in guaranteeing the sovereignty of states and protection for citizens.


Mr Cosimo Prete, CEO at C.S.T, said: “In a world constantly challenged by security at borders, the reliability of ID documents and the need to allow them to be authenticated easily by all law enforcement agencies and private entities , are major areas of focus. We look forward to working with SIA to support governments and continue to drive best practice in this area.”


Mr Philippe Barreau, Chairman of the Board of the Secure Identity Alliance, said: “Today’s announcement underscores the importance of active collaboration across the secure identity ecosystem. I would like to welcome C.S.T to SIA and look forward to working together to drive our shared vision of a safer world where trusted identities are the foundation of sustainable economic growth and prosperity worldwide.”

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About C.S.T - Crime Science Technology:

Lead by a team of security and scientific solice industry experts, C.S.T develops and sells security features for ID documents and banknotes. C.S.T also develops innovative processes for revealing traces and clues to identify criminals. Validated by the French Interior Ministry, C.S.T's technology is used by scientific solice experts worldwide on a daily basis.

For government identity documents and banknotes, C.S.T develops a range of level 1 security feature with unique visual properties to ensure rapid and intuitive authentication. By combining chemical properties and optical effects, these technologies represent a new generation of security features.



About the Secure Identity Alliance

Secure Identity Alliance is dedicated to supporting the provision of a legal, trusted identity for all, and to drive the development of inclusive digital services necessary for sustainable, worldwide economic growth and prosperity.

We believe a legal, trusted identity is the cornerstone of rights protection, social inclusion and digital economic development – and the access point to a wide range of essential public and private services.

We bring together public, private and non-governmental organizations to foster international collaboration on the issues of legal identity, to help shaping policy and to provide technical and implementation guidance for identity systems.

Its Board Members are Gemalto (a Thales company), IDEMIA, IN Groupe and Veridos.

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