eID Conference, 9th edition, Bogotá, Colombia



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10-11 October 2017, Bogota, Colombia

Convergence of Digital and Physical Worlds to Support Growth & Modernization
eGovernance, eID Schemes, and Interoperability

The Global Forum on the drivers behind the digitalization of citizen ID documents, hosts the 9th edition in Bogotá, Colombia 10 & 11 October 2017. First time in LATAM. 

Over 250 government delegates together with the brightest minds in the industry, come together from all around the world to discuss the foundation and evolution of a global eID infrastructure, based on the digitalization of citizen ID documents.

We gather 40 speakers and 250 experts, representing industry and government, from over 30 countries in high profile keynotes, panel sessions and workshops. The conference is non profit and the sessions are non commercial. However, an excellent exhibition area in direct conjunction to the sessions throws spotlight onto our sponsors for them to showcase their solutions. The program format favors networking, socializing and meeting sessions. An informal dinner party and a farewell cocktail reception complement the 2 day conference.


The purpose of the conference is to exchange experiences on recent developments in different countries, promote new major technology initiatives nationally and across the globe, as well as maintain an influential dialogue with the European Commission.
Latin America has become the largest growing market for biometric technology and Colombia has become the show case for Latin and South America with ongoing E-GOV projects and fast-growing use of biometrics in every day life. The region's governments are increasingly using this technology for identifying individuals.

eID Conference is offically supported by INCM (Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office) and Secure Identity Alliance (headquartered in Paris). Annually invited organizations are among others IOM, UNESCO and the EU Commission.

More information at: https://www.eidconference.org/index.php?lang=en