The changing face of identity management highlighted in new report by Secure Identity Alliance

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With border control authorities tasked with striking an increasingly challenging balance between security and efficiency, Strong Identity, Strong Borders offers an in-depth look at the tools and techniques that are helping to redefine identity management for a new age


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Paris – 13th April 2021 – As the border control landscape continues to shift in the wake of rapid technological progress and geopolitical shifts, the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) has today released Strong Identity, Strong Borders – an extensive exploration of the changing face of identity management.


Produced by members of the SIA’s Borders Working Group, Strong Identity, Strong Borders looks at the need for border authorities to balance security and protection with efficient and frictionless passenger experiences.


Before Covid-19 took hold, international passenger volumes were set to double over the next 20 years,” explains Philippe Barreau, Chairman of the Board at SIA. “While it may be some time before we see a return to those pre-pandemic levels, demand will inevitably surge again. When it does, border authorities will once again need to address the dual challenge of safeguarding their country whilst also ensuring that global travel remains as convenient and accessible as possible.


In addition to the major drivers shaping the future of the border control space, the new SIA report looks at the vital - and complex - role played by identity management. Highlighting some of the evolutionary technologies available to policy makers and border authorities both now and in the future, Strong Identity, Strong Borders offers detailed guidance across fields including automation, biometrics, mobile solutions, and more.


While there is no universal framework for success in border control,” says Michael Brandau, Chair of the Border Working Group of the SIA, “there are certain processes and considerations that can help to ensure that any authority is as well prepared as possible. One of the things that we want to highlight through this report is that while every country’s border control needs are unique, continued innovation means that there are an ever-increasing number of solutions to those challenges.


Strong Identity, Strong Borders brings those solutions to life in the form of case studies from around the world, demonstrating the breadth and variety of identity management techniques now in operation. Examples range from high-speed facial matching and feedback, through to fully automated e-gates capable of processing tens of thousands of travellers in a 24-hour period.


The full Strong Identity, Strong Borders report can be downloaded from the SIA website, and the themes outlined within will be discussed in depth at a free webinar running at 14:30 BST / 15:30 CET / 09:30 EDT on Tuesday 13th April 2021. Register here.


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