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Mobile Identity - Unlocking the Potential of the Digital Economy


Digital identity is one of today’s key strategic issues for governments, regulators and commercial organizations across the world. In the developed world many citizens are now living and conducting their lives online.

They are paying taxes, managing bank accounts, buying goods and services and engaging with friends on social networks. But as the number of digital identities grows, so do the risks of identity theft and associated fraud. The challenge for all those involved in defining policy and delivering services is to ensure citizens are adequately protected online. In the developing world many digital initiatives focus on establishing social security infrastructures to address poverty, protect vulnerable groups, and deliver effective and inclusive health and social care services. Even here, success depends on the need to prove identity.


Whether government’s are seeking to protect citizens online, boost economic growth, reduce the spiraling costs of public services or extend social care initiatives, the platform must be a trusted digital environment.


This requires the development of innovative identity management solutions that extend beyond user name and password to offer greater privacy and protection, more choice and convenient access to services wherever citizens are and whenever they need them.


Mobile identity represents a powerful platform through which to achieve these aims.


This paper offers a perspective from the GSMA and the Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) on the opportunities presented by mobile identity in support of governments as they unlock the potential of the digital economy; by driving trust and confidence in the adoption and use of innovative content and services.


pdf Mobile Identity - Unlocking the Potential of the Digital Economy - October 2014 (1.49 MB)