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Authentication: Are You Who You Claim to Be? - Guide - 22nd September 2021

Facing up to the identity authentication challenge – The growing role of Optical Machine Authentication (OMA) and especially Optical Phone Authentication (OPA)


The use of false identities is a problem that goes far beyond the area of border control. Though fraudulent identification documents are commonly associated with issues like immigration, they can also be used to aid serious organised crime, terrorism, fraud, and a range of other threats. As a result, accurate verification of identity documents is now a major concern in additional contexts including areas such as financial services and digital retail.


Authentication: Are You Who You Claim to Be? is a new report from the SIA that addresses the challenge of identity authentication. Discussing the inherent difficulty in validating someone’s identity, as well as some of the solutions that are currently available, the report also provides detailed use cases and recommendations for anyone who may be looking to improve their understanding of this critical practice.



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