Celebrating Success and Paving the Way Forward: Highlights from the OSIA Meeting in Paris

The OSIA community met in Paris on 29th November and brought together Governments, non-profits, multilaterals, and industry leaders for an extraordinary OSIA meeting and celebration dinner.


The occasion was not just about business; it was a moment to pay homage to Engr. Aliyu Abubakar Aziz, who has diligently chaired the initiative for the past four years. As we expressed our heartfelt gratitude for his invaluable leadership, we also extended a warm welcome to DG Abisoye NIMC NIGERIA, the new Chair of the OSIA Advisory Committee.


A sincere thank you is due to all who graced us with their presence at the OSIA meeting and dinner. Your participation played a pivotal role in making the event both insightful and festive, creating an atmosphere of collaboration and celebration.


As we reflected on the accomplishments of the OSIA community during the meeting in Paris, let's carry the momentum forward.  Our collective goal: to continue driving the interoperability of foundational identity systems across the globe.