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eSecurity Awareness Model (eSAM)
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The eDocument Security Awareness Model (eSAM) is designed to support governments in the development of their eDocument programs – helping them understand what is required to build an effective ‘security chain’. It can be used as a self-assessment tool to evaluate existing programs, the security impact of additional changes, or to test multiple new scenarios.


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The eSAM consists of three main processes:

> Application to Issuance

> Document design to Personalization

> Support processes


Each main process contains several steps.

For each step, a multiple choice questionnaire is completed.

The answers generate a global and step by step Security Awareness Score, and a Management Report with recommendations on how to improve program security.


While the eSAM deals primarily with the security of the program or project, it is not the only factor taken into account.

The best balance between security, cost and convenience is different for every program. The Management Report also provides scores for these factors.


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To use the eSAM, simply register on the website. CLICK HERE TO LOGIN OR TO REGISTER


Use of the eSAM Service is subject to Specific Terms and Conditions



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