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DutchBZKlogoNational Office for Identity Data, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands


The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) of the Netherlands, through its National Office for Identity Data is an observer member of the Secure Identity Alliance.


The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is one of the eleven ministries of Dutch central government. The ministers and civil servants formulate policy, prepare legislation and regulations, and are also responsible for coordination, supervision and policy implementation.


The Ministry safeguards the core values of democracy. BZK stands for effective public administration and public authorities that the public can trust. BZK helps people live in affordable, safe, energy-efficient homes in pleasant neighbourhoods where everyone counts and everyone takes part. The Ministry deals with the following isues:


democracy and the rule of law


- public administration

- the quality of personnel and management within central government

- the Dutch constitution and the system of constitutional government

- the partnership with Curaçao, St Maarten and Aruba

- public housing and government buildings






bmi germanyGerman Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI)


The German Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern - BMI) among its key activities, oversees Germany’s national passport and citizen identity card programs – supporting the development and provision of eServices across the country.






emiratesidEmirates Identity Authority (EIDA) - UAE


Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) is an independent federal authority established by virtue of the federal decree No. (2) of 2004. The decree has empowered the Authority with ultimate powers required for the execution of the Population Register and the ID card program.


EIDA was established on 15th Shaaban 1425 H, Corresponding 29th September 2004 in accordance with the constitution and the federal laws and decrees related to the competencies of ministries and the powers of ministers, naturalization, passports and entry and residence of expatriates, the organization of births and deaths, the organization of labor affairs and the amending laws thereof, in addition to decrees related to the General Authority of Information and civil service at the federal government.








The International Association Connecting Technology for Citizens (Interact4c), an N.G.O created by four international experts to share their knowledge and know-how in the fields of civil status, digital identity, social and health information systems, land and real estate public policies with governments and public bodies, within the framework of European programs and intergovernmental cooperation.






ega eng 2015eGovernance Academy (eGA) - Estonia


e-Governance Academy (eGA) is a mission-based non-profit, non-governmental think tank and consultancy organisation founded for the creation and transfer of knowledge and best practice concerning e-governance, e-democracy, national cyber security and the development of open information societies.


Moreover eGA assists governments in implementation processes in cooperation with IT companies. Since 2002 e-Governance Academy has been involved in e-government policy planning and implementation, organizational setup, legal and technical frameworks and management with nearly 50 countries.






Sofie 2016Sofie

Sofie Sarl is an independent consultancy Services Company composed of expert consultants, coming from leaders of the smart card and software /IT industry dedicated to e ID and digital transactions systems and markets. The company offer services in the e ID, payment and IoT, security markets.


The expert team seeks to be multidisciplinary and includes complementary profiles to provide the widest support to our customers. Our international reach implies that most of our consultants and experts are used to working in both English and French.


Sofie has also acquired a significant experience in civil identity systems with experts involved in solutions encompassing all aspects of identity management, from legal and institutional framework to functional architecture design and program management.


All these areas of expertise are supported by a daily practice of planning, project management, market intelligence on Identification Systems and technologies global trends as well as knowledge gained from our work on the field with our customers.




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