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How to join


The development of digital networks and solutions has allowed Governments and other stakeholders to increasingly rely on Government-issued eIdentity for their activities. It is expected that these products and services will continue to expand and gain sophistication as digital networks and solutions keep on developing. This expansion will allow Governments and other stakeholders to provide consumers-citizens with ever more efficient services.

In this context, it is necessary for the industry to have a forum of reference, where collective actions can be designed and implemented, in full compliance with competition law requirements, and in an open public/private collaboration perspective, to address questions of common interest in this field.

This is why the leading secure identity systems and solutions players  have decided to create a structure that will help achieve these goals by allowing the industry to act in a consistent manner for promoting products and services based on Government-issued eIdentity, raising general awareness on these, and spreading best practices, to the benefit of the public.
The Secure Identity Alliance welcomes any company – providing it meets the conditions for membership - willing to contribute to achieve the goal of the Alliance.


If interested, contact us.



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